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When you mix an artist and a nanotechnologist, you get a film director that steals all the Time in the World. As characters are further revealed, identity is based on stories captured from our surroundings, as our perception can not tell the difference between experiences lived, or simply imagined. Artificio Conceal is the story of a victim of a simulated reality who awakens in an interrogation room to find his memories replaced, although he is the engineer of the world’s most precise Quantum Logic clock.

The genius realizes the click is stolen, as well as his memory of the entire project rather that stealing his computer and this results in a counter-scheme to hit the kill switch on the stolen project. Traces of shadow elements nudge The Cambridge Companion to Jung and perhaps the dark forces appearing in films are aspects asking for acknowledgment.

The short is perfectly balanced between the interrogation and a meeting of criminal minds, as the entire story is a slow-burn and its denouement lays the biggest cards on the table. Archetypes of the trickster can inspire and his quintessential element fuels the narrative. The man who finds himself in an Interpol room gets the information that his mind has been hacked and his identity is lost.

Artificio Conceal is a sterling sci-fi short set in what tastes like the not-too-distant future, and revolves around Whipp, who, after asking after his family is confronted by a horrible truth: the memories of his wife and children are false. It all seems part of a plot to steal the logic clock, as the sci-fi thriller is a complex consideration of the nature of identity. The Writer-Director is actively writing a feature-length adaptation which will be hotly anticipated, as the concept easily draws comparison with Inception: the dark recesses of our subconscious and the gimmick.

There is a global effort to find out what Time really is and there are institutions which have been in charge of everyone’s opinion, while physicists are in competition to invent a Time that’s accurate. Ayoub Qanir is the film director and writer, known for ‘Human After All’, and is currently working on ‘Koyakatsi’ and ‘Le Monde dont on rêve n’existe pas’. Qanir pursued film direction after attending the Lee Strasberg Film Institute, and now Artificio Conceal is off to Festival de Cannes. If the seen-and-not-heard rookie agent (Duran Fulton Brown) is given center stage, it could even be the makings of a star as the man’s charisma pops off the screen as he gives suitable menace to his scenes, merely nibbling on his scenery and selling his character’s woe toward a life thought lived.

The film pushes our ideologies in Artificio Conceal to a place between chaos and order between the tensions of opposing forces. If a feature adaptation fails it’ll be a great loss, as with the Sony hack still fresh in everyone’s minds the concept of hacking has breached the mainframe of the zeitgeist and what started with Michael Mann’s Blackhat looks to be evolving with Artificio Conceal.

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